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Technology - You need access to integrated, efficient technology to keep your practice seamlessly connected.   Raymond James invests more than $100 million each year and employs more than 800 IT professionals to see that you have the systems and infrastructure in place to ensure that “systems and infrastructure” are the last things on your mind.  At the heart of their technology offering is Advisor Access, an account management system that gives you access to client accounts and Raymond James systems whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road. In addition, you have access to the powerful Financial Planning Suite, a set of full-scale financial planning tools that includes the Goal Planning and Monitoring, Financial Planning Library – Forefield and the Ibbotson Asset Allocation Library.

Fee Based Programs - Clients will have the choice of managing their own assets, having you manage them or utilizing a third party manager.  Your clients will have assets managed by nationally recognized portfolio managers who normally require minimum accounts of $5 million or more.  You will have access to extensive training and dedicated sales support, plus the flexibility to aggregate fees among multiple accounts to control expenses for your clients.

Freedom Account – Freedom is a discretionary, turnkey account offering multiple professionally designed asset allocation models, automatic fund selection and annual rebalancing.  Portfolios are constructed by Raymond James experts and are available for accounts of $50,000 or more.

Raymond James Consulting Services - Brings an institutional focus to portfolio management for individual clients.  Representatives analyze the risk tolerance and needs of clients and then are matched with skilled managers that are selected following a rigorous due diligence process to provide a combination of management styles to help meet the various needs of investors.

Opportunity Account – The representative serves as the portfolio manager.  Clients pays no commissions, just an asset based fee and low transaction charges.  Utilize award winning resources to build portfolios based on your clients’ needs.  Comprehensive, timely performance reporting is included.

Mutual Fund Access and Research – Covering more than 6,500 open-end mutual funds, Raymond James research analysts take great care to evaluate individual mutual funds for advisors and their specific client needs. Raymond James has the distinction of being among the first firms in the nation to publish mutual fund research reports recommending individual funds to investors. Today, their research remains unique in that it offers investors a clear opinion of how a particular fund will perform in the future. You will not need to rely on ratings that simply analyze what a fund has done in the past.  With their strong mutual fund research capabilities, you will be able to provide research reports that not only include Raymond James’ recommendations for the fund, but feature easy-to-understand performance data, top holdings, general data, and hypothetical illustrations that make this information come alive for your clients. This helps you go a step beyond your competition, providing reports that review the fund’s objectives and management style and offer the analyst’s conclusion about future performance overall.

Insurance Research – Receive in depth and timely analysis of the features and benefits of variable annuities to help you determine the right product for your clients.  This service helps you quickly identify the companies offering the policy benefits that are critical to finding financial solutions.

Fixed Income Portfolio Analysis - To promote a more proactive and professional approach to fixed income investing, Raymond James provides financial advisors with investment tools, such as fixed income portfolio analysis (FIPA), to assist you in the decision-making process. Utilizing comprehensive FIPA reports, you can:

  • Monitor portfolios’ progress towards your clients’ goals.
  • Assess portfolios’ profiles.
  • Analyze position details including cost basis, market value and unrealized gain/loss information.
  • Provide maturity and cash flow schedules.
  • Determine risk exposure, including interest rate risk and duration, credit risk and reinvestment risk.

Investment Banking - Raymond James maintains a full-service Investment Banking group that is national in scope, providing public and private offerings of equity and debt, as well as merger and acquisition services and restructurings. A team of more than 650 capital markets professionals draws on extensive industry knowledge and transactions expertise to deliver a full array of transactional services, enhanced by strategic advice and planning for every stage of a company’s life cycle.  If you introduce a company or municipality to the Investment Banking Department, you can receive referral fees.

Research - Raymond James has developed one of the industry’s most diversified internal research capabilities. They produce detailed reports on more than 600 closed-end funds and conduct forward-looking open-end mutual fund research. Fixed income analysis is unique in its depth, and stock recommendations have been nationally lauded year after year. You will also have access to the latest market and economic commentary from the firm’s top internal experts.  The Equity Research team has consistently led the industry, providing insightful, timely and comprehensive information for advisors across the nation and around the world. With more than 100 industry analysts and associates, Raymond James fields one of the larger research organizations in the brokerage industry – among the top five of all U.S. brokerage firms, according to Thomson Financial.  Raymond James covers nearly 1,100 companies in eight industry groups, seeking attractive niches within broader industries.

Closed-End Fund Research - Provides information and recommendations on more than 600 closed-end funds available to investors. You can choose to receive closed-end fund quarterly performance reports that provide updated performance statistics, portfolio breakdowns, asset allocations, and more. You can even create a list of closed-end funds that interest you and analysts will automatically e-mail you updates on those particular funds. As an added resource, the closed-end fund Research Literature Line offers Wiesenberger and Morningstar Principia reports, article reprints, client-approved marketing pieces, and monthly commentaries.

Trust & Estate Planning Services - Raymond James Trust N.A. offers a variety of personal and charitable trust services to deepen your client relationships, including revocable living trusts, testamentary trusts, charitable trusts, private foundations, irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts and marital trusts.

Financial Planning Support - Financial planning may be the foundation of what you do and it is a fundamental element of what Raymond James does. They are a financial planning pioneer having developed the Raymond James Advisory Process to provide you and your clients with clear, comprehensive guidance through each stage of building, executing, and revising a financial plan. This step-by-step process can be adopted seamlessly into your current practice, or adapted easily to suit your own professional philosophy.  You will have access to an impressive array of services and expertise, including education, estate planning, retirement planning, consulting, and software resources.  MoneyGuidePro®, a smart and easily adaptable financial planning tool is now available for free to representatives carrying accounts at Raymond James.  Recognized for years as the best financial planning software by registered representatives, you will have access to a friendly tool to help your clients develop goals and analyze their likelihood of success. 

Retirement Planning Support - Every single client you have is going to retire. So, while your practice may offer a broad array of services and specialize in another area, the ability to develop a solid, long-term retirement plan is essential to any financial advisor. The Retirement Plan Consulting Group offers a team of experts to provide insight on the full range of retirement plans and assist you with plan prospecting, setup, operations and maintenance. You will also enjoy consulting support, management and due diligence of relationships with service providers, marketing materials, training on plan execution, and more.

In addition to offering insight and support, Raymond James stands ready to serve as custodian for traditional and Roth IRAs, SEP and SIMPLE IRA plans, as well as qualified pension or profit sharing plans. You will have access to prototype documents for SEP, profit sharing, money purchase and 401(k) plans.

Services for Affluent Investors - As the affluent population grows, advisors must expand their capabilities, deepen their relationships and offer more of their time in order to stay competitive.  Wealth Management Solutions is a focused team of experienced professionals who specialize in complex issues affecting your largest clients, including:

  • Handling the impact of significant wealth events (sale of a family business, retirement with significant assets, an inheritance, etc.).
  • Complex legacy planning and charitable giving design.
  • Dealing with concentrated equity positions.
  • Developing customized portfolios incorporating sophisticated investment strategies.
  • Seeking maximum returns on large cash portfolios.
  • Tax minimization strategies.
  • Asset protection strategies.
  • Exit strategies for business owners.
  • Use of trusts for estate planning.

Your Full-Service Marketing Agency - You can expect two things from Raymond James – the freedom to create a unique brand for your practice and the team to help you build it. Raymond James Marketing is your in-house marketing, advertising and public relations agency.  Whether you want advertising, public relations, strategy or analysis, Raymond James Marketing will work closely with you to develop materials that fit your style, reflect your standards and connect with your target audience.

Expert Perspectives - In addition to research on specific companies and industries, Raymond James offers you timely and insightful commentary on general market and economic conditions from their own in-house experts:  These nationally recognized experts often appear on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and frequently contribute to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Barron’s.  These insights are not just meant for professionals like you; where appropriate, they can be used as a valuable education and communication tool for your clients as well

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