NetExchange360™ (“NetX360”) - An innovative online brokerage platform that enables you to efficiently access client accounts, enter orders, receive real-time quotes with interactive functionality within client portfolios, obtain the latest news and investment research, and much more.  This portable system offers functionality on a number of mobile devices while delivering first-rate service. Open architecture technology enables you to easily connect to your choice of customer relationship management (CRM) applications, financial planning solutions and performance reporting tools, as well as market data, news and research providers.

Within a seamless delivery platform, NetX360 provides:

  • Customizable Views: Tailor your screens, account groups and data displays to suit your individual work style and needs.
  • Simplified Navigation: Make fewer clicks to quickly and easily find the information you need.
  • Superior User Experience: Complete the tasks needed to grow and manage your business with greater speed.
  • Improved Productivity: Perform your operational tasks faster by leveraging NetX360's efficiency-related features.
  • Integrated Functionality: Access tools, research, market data, quotes, news and trading information from a single, easy-to-use source.

Market Data, News, and Tools - Choose premium content from such industry-recognized names as: BNY ConvergEx Group, Credit Suisse®, Dow Jones®, Morningstar®, Thomson Reuters®, Standard & Poor's®, Thomson®, MoneyGuidePro, Market-Q, and more.

Corestone™ - An asset management account that consolidates investments, check writing, and Visa®debit card services into one account.  Provides convenient consolidated monthly reporting to simplify your client’s asset and liability management.  Services can include unlimited checkwriting, no per check minimums, direct deposit, voice response service, expense coding, statement breakout sections, a Year End Statement, bill payment and the RewardSuite™ Loyalty Program.  Clients can easily transfer funds between their bank checking and brokerage account with a click from you and without fees, saving you time.

ETF Center - Provides detailed information on more than 1,400 ETF’s allowing you to compare ETF’s versus individual stocks or mutual funds.  Access analytic tools and Morningstar® research to help screen ETF’s based upon various criteria such as cost, time horizon, and market performance.   Access a wealth of information including articles, reports, and research on timely ETF topics in the Document Library.

Fund Center - Access over 20,000 funds from more than 500 fund families on a consolidated statement.  You can utilize research and hypothetical tools online such as Morningstar® for analyzing funds and building portfolios and Naviplan for financial planning software to guide clients.

FundVest® - Access over 5,000 funds representing more than 250 mutual fund companies.  You can buy, sell, or exchange these funds without paying any ticket charges.   These funds work quite well to support fee-based and managed account programs.  When combined with rebalancing software, you have access to a powerful, cost effective way to work smart when managing your fee based portfolios.

Credit Advance® - A margin-lending product that provides a line of credit at competitive interest rates for the purchase of additional securities and other needs with no fees, points, closing costs or preset monthly payments.

LoanAdvance® - A securities based lending tool that offers clients access to a line of credit for personal, consumer, or business loans.  Increased borrowing power is available for up to 70% of one’s portfolio at competitive interest rates to provide easy access to capital.

Fully Paid Securities Lending – Your clients can receive additional revenue when they provide the ability to lend fully paid positions.  There are no trading restrictions, security minimums, or fees to clients.  In exchange for the additional revenue clients receive, they forfeit their proxy voting rights and may receive substitute dividend payments in exchange for dividends

Liquidity Alternatives - You will have access to various hedging and monetizing solutions through BNY Mellon’s Equity Derivative team to help clients secure the value of positions without selling shares through zero premium collars.  Offer variable pre-paid forwards where a sale of shares to the Bank of New York Mellon is made with delivery taking place in the future.  Equity Linked Notes provide investors fixed income principal protection combined with equity market exposure.

Corporate Executive Services – Receive high touch support to help finance employee stock options, facilitate the execution of sales and transfers of restricted stocks, provide leveraging through loans against restricted stock, and administrative capabilities for handling Employee Stock Option Plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, and Restricted Stock Awards/Units.

Trust Network - You will have access to a choice of corporate trustees to provide administration while you manage investments for your client’s trust accounts.  Participating Trustees include The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware, BOK Financial, Comerica Bank and Trust, NA, Independent Trust Company of America, New York Private Trust Company, Reliance Trust Company, Santa Fe Trust, and Wilmington Trust Company. This open-architecture program provides a full menu of solutions geared to meet virtually any personal trust need, whether full trustee, agent-for-trustee or trust reporting services.

Donor Advised Funds – Allows donors to create a lasting legacy by contributing assets to support their favorite charities on a flexible timetable, while maximizing tax deductions and enabling you to maintain asset management input as their advisor.

Retirement Planning Solutions – Benefit from competitive fees and strategies to help retain assets for beneficiaries.  Receive value-added support by product experts to help you integrate retirement solutions into your offerings.  Complimentary marketing resources, training services, financial calculators, and educational planning tools help you become the retirement expert your clients need.

Mutual Fund Only IRA’s – Help your clients save with reduced annual maintenance fees, while providing a service to consolidate all mutual funds on one easy to read statement.  Make life easier for clients while saving them money.

Portfolio Evaluation Service® - A portfolio reporting service that enables you to easily quantify gains and losses, determine the impact of current market conditions, and benchmark portfolio performance against objectives.  Helps you to track costs basis and analyze tax lots to determine the best way to harvest sales to maximize tax efficiency.

CDARS®, or Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®  -  FDIC insurance is a welcome umbrella for investors seeking security for their assets. With just one ticket, you can buy multiple CD’s with one maturity and one blended rate; all FDIC insured.  One ticket with one maturity on one statement all FDIC Insured is a great service to provide your larger clients.

Health Savings Accounts – Capture additional assets while meeting your clients’ health savings and retirement needs.  Pershing custodies the investment account, you manage the assets, and your client owns a flexible tax advantaged account that can help solve multiple financial concerns.

Pershing Prime Services – Provide comprehensive global prime brokerage solutions for your business, backed by the strength of the only prime broker owned by a Aaa rated bank, BNY Mellon.

Lockwood Managed Account Solutions – Access an innovative strategic partner that will help you build highly custom, integrated, managed account solutions designed to help drive product adoption and grow your revenue.  Their highly consultative approach will help you strengthen relationships with your high-end clients.  Advisory solutions run the gamut from discretionary portfolios where Lockwood acts as the portfolio manager to customized portfolio construction where the financial advisor drives the asset allocation and portfolio construction.

Fixed Income - Trading with Pershing offers you easy access to a wide range of inventory, plus exceptional personal attention from some of the industry's most experienced fixed income professionals. You can utilize either Cantella’s or Pershing’s dedicated fixed income desks for almost any question related to your trades as well as market color and education.  Pershing’s syndicate desk offers access to new issues, including municipal bond offerings underwritten by Barclays Capital. For those who prefer a more automated approach, you can tap into an executable online inventory, which provides access to more than 25,000 bonds from 90 different dealers. Additionally, you can leverage their powerful search capabilities and efficient straight-through processing.

Fixed Income Portfolio Solutions (FIPS) - Helps you distinguish your offering to clients and prospects. You'll receive proactive alerts about changes to securities in your clients' portfolios—such as maturing bonds or changes in ratings—along with timely, actionable portfolio ideas.  You also have access to a variety of detailed, customizable reports, plus tailored proposals, tax swap analytics, and more. This innovative service can help you actively manage your clients’ portfolios, keep you up-to-date with a fast-changing market, and offer your clients a complete picture of their fixed income holdings, including externally held positions.  Free analysis will help you identify potential weak links in individual positions and opportunities for asset reallocation.

Value Alliance Network – Utilize third party solutions from over 700 third party best-of-breed providers often at significant discounts to meet the needs of your clients.  Pershing’s bulk buying power provides a smart way to help build your brand, cut costs, and improve profit margins.

e-Document Suite™ - Enables you and your clients to access online copies of your clients' brokerage account statements, trade confirmations, and 1099 tax statements. 

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