Streetscape – The brokerage workstation and wealth management platform of National Financial Services is designed to empower financial professionals by consolidating information and solutions in one easy to navigate, portable system that you can access anytime or anywhere.   Receive account information including your positions, balances, and order status of pending transactions.  View daily reports including Fed calls, house calls, money lines, bonds maturing or redeemed, and monitor the status of incoming account transfers or retirement distributions.  Expanded capabilities allow you to drag and drop, resize columns and rows and place data into Excel spreadsheets.  You can view and print client statements for the previous ten years and confirmations for five years. Add on the ThomsonONE wealth management tool for a truly sophisticated, integrated workstation. 

Mutual Funds - Connect your business to more than 16,000 share class alternatives from Fidelity and other popular fund companies with the Institutional Funds NetworkSM.  You receive free access to view Morningstar’s Profiles on funds.  You can screen to narrow your search for the right funds based on numerous criteria such as fund objective, manager tenure, fund assets, sales loads, fund family, annualized returns, and Morningstar rating.

Fidelity Monday Wake Up Call – Jumpstart your week with timely commentary and analysis from the analysts of Fidelity Capital Markets.  Learn about key expected announcements during the week and strategies to help you position client assets.

Fidelity Retirement Income Evaluator – A robust tool that will help you better service current clients and also land new ones.  According to a Fidelity Advisor Survey of Investors at Retirement, 87% of clients who completed a retirement income plan with an advisor said that they did or would refer someone to that advisor. Investors in this age group want to know that an advisor understands their retirement goals and concerns and can incorporate those intangibles into an income plan.  Human resource departments will see the value you can add to provide retirement income planning services for employees. Deliver wealth management services designed to help clients protect, grow, and transfer their money during retirement with a free tool to help you help your clients.  The Retirement Income Evaluator helps you gather valuable data on clients and provide Monte Carlo simulations to help them analyze the likelihood of possible outcomes in retirement based upon their income and expenses and asset allocation.

Ascensus Retirement Support Desk – An entire department dedicated to helping you solve the retirement needs of your customers.  You can receive guidance as to appropriate plans for individuals and business owners.  Often when meeting with business owners, registered representatives receive challenging questions and rather than say, “Let me get back to you,” simply call the Support Desk for instant answers to complex retirement questions.  You look smart and clients receive timely answers.

Managed Account Solutions – You have the ability to work with some of the premier institutional money managers in separately managed accounts with low minimum balances.  Solutions are available for the representative as portfolio manager, including access to thousands of mutual funds with no ticket charges.

Content – Receive free daily updates from Argus Research including their Market Update, Market Digest, and Market Watch Reports.  For stock research, you receive the Daily Morning Briefing of Barclays Capital.  Access the Morning Economics Briefing from Decisions Economics, Inc. as well as economic indicators and weekly economic analysis.  A newly designed stock, ETF and mutual fund screener helps you be proactive and responsive to your customers.  Watch lists allow you to isolate a stock and view more comprehensive details.  When you access a quote, you can also click and see what accounts hold that position.  

Portfolio Analytics – Helps you to consolidate multiple accounts and then analyze them to better manage client assets.  Allocations are broken down by asset class and further into industry sectors, which you can compare percentage allocations to various industry benchmarks and where the equities in the portfolio fall in terms of value vs. growth and large cap vs. small cap.  You can view a historical analysis to see how allocations might have returned in prior years.  The analysis includes a summary of expected monthly income. 

Referral Edge – Is a dynamic prospecting tool that will help you identify referral opportunities and learn more about existing or potential clients.  You can access more than 3 million public records in an easy to utilize search engine that allows you to dig deeper into various categories such as contact information, job titles, biographies, and recent wealth creating events.  See who serves on the boards with your current or prospective clients, the performance of their corporate retirement plans, and who has been promoted or recently changed jobs.   Save the thousands of dollars you might spend on mailing lists by drilling into the information provided by Referral Edge in an easy to search format.  Leverage current relationships as you build a pipeline of new business through smart, efficient analysis of the extensive data contained within this robust tool.

The LoanAccess Program – Includes traditional margin lending, non-purpose loans, and fully paid securities lending.  Not only will you have the support tools, but also the products and services to manage both the credit and debit side of your clients financial situation.

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