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The roots of Cantella start with the invaluable lessons taught to a child by his parents. Vincent Cantella’s father, Michele Cantella, emigrated to Boston from Sicily in search of the American Dream. Along with two partners, he founded a small pasta company in Boston’s North End in a tiny storefront on Prince Street, which the partners’ dedication and commitment to quality grew into one of the largest pasta manufacturers in America: Prince Macaroni & Manufacturing, named for that modest street where it all started. 

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Michele Cantella making pasta


Prince Macaroni MFG Co. Inc. building



This entrepreneurial drive was passed on to Michele’s son Vincent. He returned from serving in the Marines in World War II and was bedridden for many years, but with his drive to chart his own course he overcame his illness and founded Cantella in 1952. Starting out as a salesman for the George Putnam Fund, Vin walked up and down countless flights of stairs in the firm’s early years, meeting potential customers and serving his clients.


After joining the Boston and New York Stock Exchanges, Cantella focused on growing an institutional client base, and the company developed a special expertise in serving the needs of Japanese companies trading on the American market. Cantella’s clients included Nomura, Yaimichi, Nikko, New Japan, and Daiwa Securities, among others. Long before most Japanese firms opened operations in the US, Cantella handled much of their American business. This visionary approach is what made Cantella such a successful firm at the time, and constantly looking forward is what keeps us competitive to this day.

Through his rich experience in the securities industry and his service oriented spirit, Vin rose in prominence and eventually became the Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Boston Stock Exchange. Vin used his influence champion the cause of the small business owner, and, in spite Cantella’s large institutional client base, he prioritized serving small mom-and-pop broker/dealers alongside his larger institutional clients.

As the world became more globalized and international firms began purchasing their own seats on various exchanges, Vin deepened his interest in becoming a force for the smaller broker/dealer, and Cantella retooled its operations to focus on servicing these customers. The company evolved to become a clearing firm for over 95 loyal correspondents, many of them considered too small to be worthwhile by Cantella’s competition.

The financial industry continued to evolve and eventually gave rise to the independent franchise model. Vin saw the opportunities these changes presented and led the firm into developing the truly independent platform we are known for today. Cantella provides a full-suite of services and compliance support for independent advisors throughout the nation, and every day we strive to embody Vin’s spirit of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

While our business model has changed over the years, our entrepreneurial spirit and values remain the same. Our commitment to helping entrepreneurs grow their firms, to demonstrating dedication, service, and integrity in all that we do, and to focusing on fostering a family culture are the keystones of our firm, and the lasting legacy of Vin Cantella.




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